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Welcome to SunnyLanzarotedotcom

Two day driving tour of Lanzarote:

If you get a car for two days, you can divide the Island in half - north and south, and see more of what makes Lanzarote special. 

After a very light breakfast, head north from Lago Verde and turn right at the first roundabout to enter the circunvalacion.  (Be really careful as you approach the airport.  There is a sharp turn to the left, where the speed limit drops to 60KMPH.  Police frequently operate radar in this area!!)  Head out on the road to Arrecife, and take the exit to Tahiche.  (Be cautious as you get close to Arrecife.  The circunvalaction turns left just after the petrol station and it is easy to miss the turn off.  If you do, you will end up in downtown Arrecife).  You will come to a roundabout with a huge Cesar Manrique mobile/statue in the middle.  Turn left, and about two hundred yards down the road on the right hand side is the Cesar Manrique Foundation.  Check the place out - it will take about one hour for a quick tour, but it is brilliant.

When you have finished, continue back on the road north to Tahiche, and turn right at the roundabout heading towards Orzola.  Continue up LZ-1 , and on the right hand side, you will see an exit for the Cactus Garden - well worth the trip if you are into succulents.

After the cactus garden, head north again, and this time turn off at Arrieta.  Go past a petrol station, and turn right.  Go down the road about two hundred yards to the small roundabout painted in the middle of the road, and turn left.  Stop at the first restaurant on your right, Amanecer, for a great lunch of fresh caught fish with spectacular views.  Simply wonderful!!

Come back out onto the main road and head north again towards Mirador del Rio.  Stop at Mirador del Rio and enjoy the wonderful views from this Cesar Manrique masterpiece.

When you leave Mirador del Rio, head south on LZ-10, through Haria and the Valley of a thousand Palms.  There are some terrific areas where you can pull over and enjoy spectacular views.  Continuing down LZ-10 you will go through Teguise - well worth a quick visit just to see the architecture if nothing else.  Don't miss the Castillo de Santa Barbara on the hill.  This old castle has been converted to a museum on emigration, and is very interesting.  (Be sure to return to Teguise on Sunday to catch the Teguise Market).  After a quick visit to Teguise, turn right at Mozaga, towards Tiagua, and follow the signs to Famara.  There are several neat little restaurants where, if you are getting a little peckish, you can enjoy some tapas before going to the beach.

Travel along the coast road to Soo, and on to La Santa, before heading back home on LZ-20, and the circunvalacion.

On the way home, stop at a supermarcardo and grab a bottle of fine Lanzarote red wine to enjoy on the balcony.


Day two:

Head north from Lago Verde all the way up to Macher.  Turn left at the roundabout on LZ-2, and head out towards Playa Blanca.  Go over the first roundabout (towards Puerto Calero), and the second roundabout (towards Playa Quemada), but turn left at the third roundabout going up the hill to Femmes.  When you are at Femmes, have a coffee at a neat little restaurant with a spectacular view over the valley towards Playa Blanca.  Trust me, you will not miss it.  Continue on the road to Playa Blanca and re-enter the highway going south.  Look carefully for a turnoff for Papagayo, and go to the beach for a short time.  Don't be too long though, as you need to leave and head off back towards Playa Blanca.  For my money, the town is not really worth stopping at, so continue back on the highway, and take the turn off for El Golfo.  When you are driving down the coast road, watch for signs for Los Hervideros.  Whatever you do, don't miss this one.  It will take about one hour, then back in the car to El Golfo, and find one of the excellent ocean-side restaurants for lunch.  Don't leave town without walking up the hill and seeing the spectacular olive green lake, the black beach, and the red cliffs.

From El Golfo, head north towards Timanfaya, the Volcanoes Park.  Be sure to stop off and get your camel ride, and then enter the park for a wonderful tour of the incredible natural phenomena. 

Going home from there, leave the highway to pass through the streets of Yaiza.  (Again, be careful of radar traps - another favourite location).  It is a beautiful little town, wonderfully landscaped.