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Welcome to SunnyLanzarotedotcom

Arrieta is a small town on the east coast, which has two piers and two very nice sandy beaches.  A couple of beach front coffee shops and some great restaurants make it complete.  A great place for lunch.  Check out the interesting architecture of the house next to the northernmost pier.....

Go from Arrecife toward Tahiche, then turn towards Orzola.  Arrieta is on the right side of the main road, about half way between Mala and Orzola.  You will exit just after the Petrol station, turn right and come to a roundabout.  Turn left, go about 100 yards, and the first restaurant on your right hand side is absolutely outstanding.  Right on the waterfront, it serves wonderful fresh fish dishes.  If you go for Sunday lunch, you must get there before noon, or you will be waiting for a long time :)