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Welcome to SunnyLanzarotedotcom


Dining out is a wonderful and inexpensive proposition in Lanzarote with restaurants to meet all tastes.  However, as with any resort area, owner turnover is pretty common, so please send us an email if you find this information is no longer accurate.  There is a no-smoking by-law in Lanzarote, which is very well observed.  Most restaurants will happily cater to vegetarian diets.  Of the hundreds of places out there, here are a few of our favourites.  I have listed them as being West (predominantly in the Old Town), and East, (mostly along the Avenida).  Scroll down the page to see more, and click on the hyperlink for details.


PDC Restaurants - West:

1 - La Bamba

2 - Road to Cabana Macher and El Chupadero

3 - Mario's

4 - Casa Cabana

5 - Casa Roja

6 - La Lonja

7 - El Cangrejo Roja

8 - La Bodega

9 - Bodegon

10 - El Toro

11 - Sunset Grill


PDC Restaurants - East:

1 - El Mirador

2 - Terraza Playa

3 - El Arao

4 - The Codfather


    Finally, whatever you do, don't miss the Arrecife Grand Hotel, right downtown Arrecife.