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Welcome to SunnyLanzarotedotcom

A few final thoughts to help you have a great vacation…..

  • A number you are going to want to remember is the Spanish emergency number, 112.  You can call from any phone for fire, police and ambulance, even a cell phone that is no longer in service.

  • There is no natural water on the Island; it is all produced through desalination.  Although we cook, make coffee and brush our teeth with tap water, we recommend you purchase drinking water at the supermarket.  Be careful though, the prices will vary from €0.80 to €3.50 for 5 litres. 

  • As you will see, car hire is fairly inexpensive on Lanzarote, but please be cautious of drinking and driving.  The Spanish police are most vigilant and I understand that Spanish prisons do not offer the same amenities as Lago Verde.

  • Taking a taxi is a great way to get around.  Distances are short, and fares are reasonable.  For example, a taxi from the airport to Lago Verde is about 15.  From the Avenida to Lago Verde is about 3.  The bus is very easy, and inexpensive.  For example the thirty minute trip to Arrecife is just €1.40 each way.  Give it a try, it can be a fun way to travel!!

  • Be cautious of the supermarcados.  They vary dramatically in price, and are particularly expensive near hotels and apartment complexes.  There is a great one on Calle Reina Sofia, called Hiper Dino.  Probably the best value you will find, and just a short walk home.  There is another one on Calle Juan Carlos, near the Petrol station called Super Marcial.  These two are probably the best for selection and price in Puerto Del Carmen.  We have found it far less expensive to do our grocery shopping where the locals go, and stay away from the tourist areas.

  • There is a fabulous shopping centre that has just been built at the top of the Old town called Biosphere.  Great selection, but it can be expensive.  If you have a car, Deiland is a shopping mall in Playa Honda, on the highway, just past the airport.  Very new, with a wide variety of stores.  For take home presents, we find the small boutiques are very reasonable. 

  • Lanzarote electricity is 240VAC.  Although we leave adaptors in the apartment so you can plug in North American and English type power plugs, some appliances from North America will also need a power adaptor.  Many computers and .mp3 players already have power supplies that will accept 240V and 110V input, so you might want to check before you go.  To make life a little easier, we have provided a hairdryer and an alarm clock in the bedroom.

  • When you get to the Island, you should try to pick up a copy of the Gazette.  A free local magazine published monthly, which will tell you what is going on while you are there.

And finally.....

Lago Verde is our home and we are happy to share it with you.  Since purchasing the apartment we have invested over thirty thousand Euros to make it 'just right', and we will continue to spend more money on upgrades every year.  However, we are just normal people from a regular family - we are not millionaires or a corporation that makes obscene profits.  We make a bit of money, but by the time we pay electricity, water, taxes, various management fees, and everyone has had their share, there is not much left.  This is not a business, which is why our prices are more reasonable than other, similar locations.  We do it to have a place to stay in winter and hope the rental income will offset some of our expenses.  We have gone out of our way to make our place desirable and to ensure everything is in place for you to have a wonderful vacation.  It is pretty obvious that this kind of investment is not without risk.  We would like to think that everyone who stays at our place is responsible and respectful, and would treat the apartment as if it where their own - but life does not always work that way.  You would be amazed how many people use our garden as a giant ash tray. 

If you suspect that a previous guest caused damage to any of the appointments, please let us know as soon as possible so we can rectify the problem.