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Welcome to SunnyLanzarotedotcom

On the way up to Arrieta, you will find yet another example of Cesar Manrique's works of art - The Cactus Garden.  Now to be honest, not really being into succulents and cacti and stuff like that, Patty and I have avoided this for years as being a bit of an overgrown garden and general tourist trap.  After all, there are cactus everywhere in Lanzarote, right?  Wrong.

I always knew that occasionally cacti flowered, but I have to tell you, we were not prepared for what we found.  For 5 per person (which includes a free drink at the bar), you will have a great time.  The diversity of the flora is simply amazing.  For those of you who really do find this stuff boring, and are perhaps more mechanically inclined, you have to go up inside the windmill and see how it all operates.  Check out the design of the speed control, the rotation system to ensure it always faced the wind, and adjustments to the millstone.  Personally, I would have paid 5 just to see the windmill!  Cesar has done it again!