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Welcome to SunnyLanzarotedotcom

Terms and Conditions.

It is our sincere desire that you have a wonderful holiday in Lanzarote and come back and stay with us year after year.  We have spent a tremendous amount of money on the apartment to ensure it exceeds your expectations, and we upgrade various bits and pieces every year.  If you think additional furnishings would enhance the apartment, please let us know and we will consider making improvements.   We have also made a significant investment in this website.  We have done a great deal of research so you can find great restaurants, fun bars, great tourist trips, even low price groceries.  We believe that if you have a great vacation, you will return.  However long you stay, we are sure you will not be ready to go home. 

We are very proud of our apartment and only want to rent it to people who will respect it accordingly.    Lago Verde is a great resort, but it is not the place for a group of singles to party.  We will be happy to let you know other locations that provide that kind of environment.  Our terms and conditions are very simple.  They are designed to protect us, and at the same time ensure you have a great time.  If you find anything unreasonable, please drop us an email and we will try to accommodate unique requests.


  • Please contact us directly for payment details.  Due to the complexity of international money transfers, we only accept payment through PayPal.   When you are ready to book, we will simply create a transaction via PayPal, who will then send you an email outlining how to process a secure transaction.  All you need to make  the transaction is a credit card, you do not need to open a PayPal account. 


  • In the unfortunate case that you are unable to travel for any reason, we will do our best to backfill your reservation.  If you provide notice sixty days prior to your first nights stay, we will provide a full refund less expenses we have incurred (ie, PayPal processing fees, exchange rate differences, etc). 

  • Inside sixty days we will happily provide a full refund only if we are successful in renting the apartment to another client.

  • Please note that all refunds will be paid by cheque from a Canadian Bank, in Canadian Dollars, at the exchange rate in effect on the day the cheque is issued.


  • So far, we have not found the need to request a damage deposit from our clients.  Obviously glasses break from time to time, and that is to be expected.  However, we would expect our clients to be honest and pay for any damage of significance that occurs.  We want to ensure that the apartment is appropriately appointed for our next guests.

  • Please advise us if you notice anything that is not consistent with your expectations.  It is probably an oversight which can be fixed immediately.

Check in/out times:

  • To provide the cleaners with adequate time, we need clients to vacate the apartment by 10am.  You can store suitcases in reception until your cab arrives.  For arriving clients, you can have access after 4pm.  Please don't forget to return the key to the KeySafe unit in the hallway!!