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Welcome to SunnyLanzarotedotcom

So, you have decided to go to Lanzarote (the airport code for Arrecife is ACE).  We want to make it really easy for you to get there.... 

If you are flying from the UK, here are a few online travel links.....




And here are some airlines you can book with directly:


Leaving from North America?  Travel is a little more interesting - most travel agents we talked to thought that the Canary Islands were in the Caribbean :).  However, there are two ways you can get there.  The first option is to book a flight direct with a major carrier like British Airways or Iberia.  They will typically fly through through Heathrow or Madrid, and the trip will be on one ticket. 

The second option is something we have been doing for the past ten years.  We find it kinda fun to stop in Europe and do some sightseeing on the way across.  A side trip to Oslo, London or Paris can be pretty cool added to your vacation.   There are plenty of opportunities to book cheap flights to Europe, (some links below) where you can stay a day or two, then take a charter flight down to Lanzarote (If you go via the UK you could use some of the links above).  Some charter companies in the UK don't sell tickets to non-residents very often, and they may not be familiar with the process.  If they won't mail tickets to you in North America, simply pay by credit card and tell them to leave the tickets to be picked up at the airport...  Easy - you can save hundreds of dollars AND have a few days at a major European city.  Not a bad deal, huh!