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Welcome to SunnyLanzarotedotcom


Taste in bars is about as varied as restaurants.  Everyone has their favourite atmosphere and style, and there is no shortage on the 'Avenida’ to find whatever you are looking for.  Nobody asked us to include their place on this website, these are just places that we enjoy going to and are worthy of mention.  Scroll down the page for bars on the Avenida, and click on the hyperlink for additional details.


Puerto del Carmen West:


1 - Pool Shack at Lago Verde

2 - Purple Turtle

3 - Crowded House

4 - Scotch Corner

5 - El Rincon

6 - Skyy


Puerto del Carmen East:

1 - El Campesino

2 - Rutta 66

3 - American Indian Cafe

4 - Mulligans