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Welcome to SunnyLanzarotedotcom

The weather is really predictable in Lanzarote, with the exception of January and February when it can get a little cool at night, with occasional rain.  But just for fun, here are some temperatures from around the world.  We have noticed that the Lanzarote temperature is not always accurate though, particularly overnight when it seems to reset to 0C.  So if the display does not seem right, it probably isn't!!  We find the temperature in Puerto del Carmen just about perfect.  Great for the beach during the day, and cool enough to make sleeping comfortable at night.  On our trip from January to May 2007, we took an indoor/outdoor thermometer, which over the four month period provided the following readings:

Indoor Max 26.6C, Min 19.0C.           Outdoor Max 37.0C, Min 15.0C

Although the outdoor sensor was in the shade, it will still be impacted by reflected heat.  Not bad weather though, huh!  Just remember that when it is 20C in the shade it can easily reach 30C in the sun, so don't forget your suntan lotion!

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