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North Tour

  • Teguise – Penas del Chache (highest point in Island with fabulous views)

  • Haria – Valley of a thousand palms.  A really neat old village with some beautiful scenery.  The valley is appropriately named; traditionally a palm tree was planted for every girl born in the village, and two palm trees for every boy.

  • Guinate Tropical Park – Parrots and other exotic birds.  Really good if you like that kind of thing.

  • Jameos del Agua – A subterranean lake formed by water trapped in a lava tube.  The pool is home to a species of blind albino crab that lost its vision due to millions of years being in total darkness.  Quite a beautiful place, and very interesting if you are into that stuff.  Entrance is 8 per person.

  • Cesar Manrique Foundation – one of the homes of Cesar Manrique, it was built into lava flows which appear to extend into the various rooms.  One reason not to take the bus tour is that you could spend hours in this place, viewing the various art work, and the pure creative genius of Manrique.   €7.50 per person.

  • Lunch is provided on most of the bus tours


If you drive North instead of taking the bus tour, you really need to add

  • Mirador del Rio – another Manrique design, built into the mountains on the north side of the island.  For my money, this is the one thing that everyone should see on this island.  As you walk up to the entrance, you will wonder what all the fuss is about, but when you get inside, the views of La Graciosa are simply spectacular.  Cost is 4.50, but the ticket includes a free drink in the restaurant.

  • Famara, La Santa and Orzola – great little towns, picturesque, great place for lunch, with wonderful beaches.  Be cautious of swimming, there is a serious undertow.

  • The Cactus Garden.  Built in an old quarry, it  really surprised us how beautiful and artistic this garden was.  Well worth the two hour investment.

  • Cuevas de los Verdes – The green caves.  Really interesting underground tour of a lava tube approximately 8km long.  You only see the first 1km, but it is most impressive.   €8 per person.