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Welcome to SunnyLanzarotedotcom

Playa Famara is a large, sweeping beach on the north side of the island.  Great contrast between some brilliant cliffs and the ocean.  One part of the beach is quite rocky, especially at high tide, but you can find some wonderful sand dunes if you go a little further.  Be cautious of the undertow if you are using this beach, the currents are strong.  We would not recommend this if you have children.  Lots of surfing, windsurfing etc..

From Teguise, head towards 'Caleta de Famara'.  When you get into town, you either turn right to the beach, or left to go into town.  There is a neat restaurant in town called El Risco, which is brilliant for tapas and red wine....  When you go along the beach road, it appears to end near a housing complex.  Turn right and go up the road past the houses, then turn left onto the dirt road.  Follow the dirt road around the back of the houses, and you will come back onto another beach, which is far more remote.

When coming back from Famara, it is worth a side trip to La Santa.  A fair sized sports complex, and some really big waves for surfing.