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Welcome to SunnyLanzarotedotcom

In all the years we have been going to Lanzarote, we have come up with a favorite list of stuff to do.  However, this list changes constantly and therefore it will probably be updated every year.  However, for now, here are five things you should not miss during your trip to Lanzarote:


Number Five:   

Coffee at the Restaurant in Femmes.  A car is needed for this one.  On a really clear day, head out of Lago Verde north towards Macher.  Turn left at the Macher roundabout towards Playa Blanca.  Go past the Puerto Calero roundabout, past the Playa Quemada roundabout, and keep an eye out for a sign that will take you to the left towards Femmes.  Follow the long, winding road until you come to the small town of Femmes.  You will instantly know the restaurant when you arrive.  Sit outdoors, grab a coffee or tea, and just enjoy the breathtaking scenery looking down on Playa Blanca.

Number Four:  

Have a sunset dinner in the small town of El Golfo.  I am going to cheat here, and get two selections for the price of one.  Traveling back on the road from Playa Blance to El Golfo, don't miss Los Hervideros on the ocean side.  You could easily drive past if you were not looking...   However, head on to El Golfo and pick a restaurant (like Placido's).  Sit in the sun, order tapas, and take about three or four hours over dinner while you watch the sunset, listen to the surf crash, and let your taste buds tell you how good the Cherney fish tastes.  Works almost as well for lunch, but without the sunset.


Number Three:  

You really cannot miss Mirador del Rio.  Up on the north end of the island, near Orzola, you will be absolutely stunned by the view - one of those frustrating times when you simply cannot take a picture of the beauty.  Take a good book, grab a coffee (complimentary with your entrance ticket), and just sit and bask in the absolute wonderment of the environment.  Then imagine this as being your living room :)


Number Two:  

Walk down the strip past the Casino, and on the ocean side you'll see what looks like a derelict building. There are only four business still there, a barber, a Tex-Mex restaurant, a Western style restaurant, and on the ground floor, Ancla2. Basically, the owner of the building wants to tear it down and build another five star hotel, but these businesses are holding out until their lease expires in 2026. Be brave, it doesn't look pretty, but take the stairs down to the bottom level, and find the Ancla2 restaurant. The beer is cheap, the food outstanding, and the environment cannot be beaten. Right on the water, waves crashing, this little gem is incredible. We have been there when a pod of 20 or so dolphins went swimming past about 100 yards out. Wear your swimsuit, have a bite to eat, and a quick swim. Go here early in your trip, because you'll want to return. We promise, you'll love it.


And finally, the Number One thing not to miss while in Lanzarote:

You really must do the Volcanoes.  The Timanfaya National Park offers a brilliant landscape, with lunch cooked over an open pit heated by mother earth herself.  Guaranteed this will give you tons of photos and stories to share when you get home.  In all honesty, this place makes the Hawaiian National Park look really dull.