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South Tour

  • Camel ride – Located just inside the Timanfaya National Park, you really should do this.  Camels are pretty ugly things, but this short trip up the mountain is a bit of light hearted fun.  €5 per person.

  • Timanfaya National Park – As with Mirador del Rio, this is not to be missed.  For my money, better than the volcano tour on Hawaii.  You cannot drive around the park, you must get on a bus which takes you to some pretty cool areas which have been untouched since the last eruption in the 19th century.  The multilingual commentary is pretty good, but somehow ruined by the closing music ‘2001 a Space Odyssey’ – a bit too corny for me.  You can dine at a great restaurant which cooks food over a natural oven.  The temperature is 610C just 40 feet below the surface.  There are also some fairly basic demonstrations of exactly how warm the ground remains after all these years.  Cost is €8 per person in a car.

  • El Golfo – is a small town famous for ‘El Charco de los Clicos’ a deep green lagoon.  It is quite beautiful, and well worth a look around.  If you look around the rocks, you might find some olivine, a semi precious stone, however I am sure most of the tourists before you have picked the easy ones.  The contrast between the blue sea, the green lagoon, the black sand beach, and the red cliffs is quite stunning.

  • On the road from El Golfo to Playa Blanca, don't miss Los Hervideros; an underground cave where the ocean crashes in with incredible power.  You can see the different levels of erosion of volcanic rock, and the thumping sound that reverberates as the waves hit the lava flow is quite something.

  • Salt flats of Janubio – As a volcanic island, there is no fresh water anywhere to be found.  Today, all the water comes from the desalination plant in Arrecife, but in the past, the water was evaporated at these salt flats, which obviously provided salt as well as fresh drinking water.  Kind of interesting from the scientific viewpoint.

  • La Geria  - a small town in the South that is known for its vineyards.  You get a tour of the winery, and see their interesting process of grafting vines to the prickly pear cactus.  Just goes to show that however desolate, one of the first things people will do is produce alcohol!!  The one hour tours are only conducted on Tuesday's and Thursday's starting at noon.  Cost is €5 per person, but includes a wine sampling at the end.

  • Lunch is provided on most of the bus tours


If you drive South instead of taking the bus tour, add

  • Femmesthe most picturesque town on the island.  A really quaint restaurant has stunning views over the valley, and a beautiful church.

  • Playa Blanca – despite its name, there really is no beach to speak of, mainly rocks and a sea wall.  However, the town is quite pretty, with a nice pedestrian walkway and some fun shopping.

  • Puerto Calero – an interesting town that has a wonderful infrastructure, just very few houses and business at this time.  The harbor of Puerto Calero is full of very expensive yachts, and you can have a great cup of tea on the waterfront dreaming about wealth.