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Welcome to SunnyLanzarotedotcom

If you like walking, there are so many neat place to go for a hike....


There are many walking trails around the various volcanoes  - except in the National Park, where walking is a definite no-no. 


Two trips that Patty and I frequently take are:

1) The beach 'road' from Lago Verde to Puerto Calero is about three miles.  Leave Lago Verde going down the steps past the swimming pool.  At the bottom of the road, turn right and walk past 'Montana Tropical'.  Keep going along that road and you will see some pretty spiffy villas that have been recently built...  After about five hundred yards, turn left on any road towards to ocean, and go down the hill.  You will come to a footpath (which ultimately will connect Puerto Calero with Arrecife).  Looking left, you get a great view of Puerto del Carmen but turn right, and keep on walking west...  After about 500 yards, the footpath disappears and becomes just a dirt trail.  Kinda rocky and not at all developed.  Keep going along that trail, and you will come to a ravine.  Now, here you have two possibilities.  Either you can work your way slowly down into the ravine and up the other side, or you can take the longer, and somewhat less thrilling walk around the north side.  We met a gentleman who put it well.....  'one slip and your vacation is ruined'.  We walked around.  Anyway, just keep going and you will end up having breakfast in Puerto Calero.  If you don't want to walk back, there is a water taxi that will bring you back to Puerto del Carmen for about 10€.


2) This is the biggie - from Lago Verde to Arrecife.  This walk is about ten miles, and with stops for coffee will take about four and a half hours.  Basically you just go down to the Avenida, and keep walking east following the beach all the way.  The footpath goes past Playa Grande, Los Pocillos, Matagorda, the end of the airport (where planes coming in to land pass about 100 feet above your head - really cool), past Playa Honda, and ends up in Arrecife.  When we do this walk, we go to the top of the Arrecife Gran Hotel for a few cold beers before catching the 'Arrecife Bus' back home.  It is a great day out, but I would strongly suggest you don't do it if there is any wind.  Walking past the airport is a long, long distance with sand blowing in your face :)