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Scuba Diving

  • There are a few dive shops in Puerto del Carmen.  The dives generally go to what is affectionately known as the ‘poo pipe’.  The original sewer that dumped everything right into the sea.  Fortunately for divers, beach people and the general public at large, this is no longer used for the purpose it was constructed, but it has become a habitat for many varieties of fish.  There are also four shipwrecks just outside the old town harbour.


Arrecife - The capital of Lanzarote, and the largest city.  (largest being a relative word).  

  • The Grand Hotel – the only seventeen story building on the island.  Over a period of almost twenty years, it was built without approval, sat empty as a result, had a fire, and finally after arguing if it should be torn down or completed, the local government gave way and allowed the structure to be finished.  There is an outstanding restaurant on the top floor and a café which has surprisingly low prices.  The views are amazing.

  • The Castillo de San Gabriel was built in 1574.   Cross the stone bridge (the bridge of spheres)  Interesting for history buffs.

  • The Castillo de San Jose is the large fort at the harbor entrance.  Built in 1779, this fabulous structure has been restored as a museum for contemporary art.  A great little restaurant in the basement for either lunch or coffee in a great environment.

  • Right opposite the Castillo de San Gabriel is a pedestrian walkway which is the main shopping centre.  Don't forget about siesta though....  the shops are closed from 1pm to 4pm daily.

  • Probably the best reason to visit Arrecife is the fact that it is the centre of commerce, and as such does not cater quite so much to tourists.  Therefore, it represents the Spanish culture more than many parts of the island.  Some excellent road side café’s on the waterfront.