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Welcome to SunnyLanzarotedotcom

Patty and I first went to Lanzarote in 1994, and it was pretty basic back then.  Spanish was the predominant language, and we had a load of fun comparing the effectiveness of our different communication techniques - Patty using her High School Spanish, and me proving how inept I was at mime.  Lanzarote has developed very effectively over recent years, with a tremendous focus on maintaining local culture, charm and architecture.  Throughout this period of growth, the island has not lost any of the natural beauty and appeal which took us there in the first place, except some level of English is spoken by just about everyone.  It is not surprising that Lanzarote was identified as a World Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO in 1993.


Over the years, we visited all of the Canary Islands, and although we found each offered something unique, we kept returning to Lanzarote as the place which best fit our definition of a great vacation.  Excellent beaches, predictable weather, wonderful restaurants, interesting tourist stuff, and some amazing natural phenomena.  We kept going back, until we came to the inevitable decision that we would buy a place to live in for four months while Canada suffered winter....  It was no coincidence that we ended up buying in the Lago Verde resort in Puerto del Carmen - the first place we stayed.  We love our apartment, and hope you get a chance to visit.